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Mon Jan 09, 2023 Minimizing the Severing of Land

My preferred map projection center (for world maps in equatorial aspect) to avoid interruptions of land is at 11.55° East.
In this blog post I explain how I came up with this specific value. I also take a quick glance at other ways to prevent the severing of land.

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Updated!   Sat Dec 18, 2021 False Tissot Images

The Tissot indicatrix images on my website actually show “pseudo” Tissot ellipses.

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Updated!   Fri Nov 26, 2021 Happy Birthday, Wagner VII!

Eighty years ago, Wagner VII was introduced to the public.

Thu Apr 15, 2021 The Canters Projections (Part 2)

We’re looking at the Canters projections. Part 2: Canters W15 through W34.

Thu Mar 18, 2021 Happy Birthday, Winkel Tripel!

A hundred years ago, the Winkel Tripel was introduced to the public.

Tue Feb 23, 2021 The Canters Projections (Part 1)

We’re looking at the Canters projections. Part 1: Canters W01 through W14.

Fri Jan 15, 2021 More Umbeziffern for d3-geo-projections

Wagner’s transformation method (Das Umbeziffern) applied to Wagner I, II, III, IX and some other projections with equally spaced parallels in an implementation for d3-geo-projections.

Sat Apr 13, 2019 (No english blogpost here.)

In the German version, I’m commenting on an episode of the German science TV show called “Terra X” which included some false assertions about the Mercator projection. Just for once without an English translation.

Mon Nov 26, 2018 The Equal Earth Projection

A new pseudocylindric equal-area projection by Šavrič, Patterson, Jenny.
Do we need this?

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Mon Aug 06, 2018 Strebe’s 1992 Equal-area Projections

In 1992, Daniel »daan« Strebe created a series of equal-area projections by manipulating six existing projections. We take a closer look at it.

Updated!   Mon Jan 15, 2018 An Equal-area Projection in the Fashion of the AuthaGraph Map

Using the van Leeuwen projection, I’m building a world map that shows certain similarities to the AuthaGraph map, but is truly equal-area.

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Updated! (3×)!   Fri Oct 27, 2017 The Sinucyli Projection

The sinucyli projection is a new customizable equal-area pseudocylindric map projection – it has not even been introduced officially so far. So let’s have a look at it and see what’s special about it!
Note: Important update added on Jan 4th, 2018. If you’ve read the blogpost before, take a look again!

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 The Cabot Projection

A few word about the Cabot projection and its modification I added to the site.

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