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Updated!   Mon Jan 15, 2024 Rounded Variants of Wagner VII

Three Wagner VII variants with rounded corners.
(This article is currently not quite finished.)

Updated!   Fri Jan 05, 2024 The Winkel-Denner Projections

Five brand new projections (each in two versions) by Peter Denner that improve on the Winkel-Tripel in various ways. Plus: Two more Winkel Tripel descendants by me.

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Fri June 16, 2023 Adams, Baranyi, Winkel-Snyder

Another conformal projection by Adams. Three hitherto missing by Baranyi. A very convenient mistake by Snyder.

Fri Nov 25, 2022 Four Flexify Projections and Gott-Wagner

Four projections I found in the Flexify Photoshop plugin, and a Wagner IX variant by J. Richard Gott III.

Updated! (4×)!   Thu Oct 20, 2022 A Political Map Image for All Projections!

All projections on are now additionally shown with a political map image.

Mon Sep 26, 2022 Two Ginzburg and Four Baranyi Projections

Two azimuthal projections by Ginzburg and four pseudocylindrical (-like) projections by Baranyi.

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Updated!   Sat Aug 20, 2022 Second Serving: Two More Lee Variants

Two more rearrangement of Lee’s conformal tetrahedral projection: Lee-Xarax and Lee-Concialdi. Both of them show the world in half of a regular hexagon.

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Fri July 29, 2022 Lee, Markley, CALM & Grieger

New conformal projections in my collection.

Thu June 23, 2022 The Anderson List: Now available on

Paul B. Anderson’s extensive gallery of map projections is now hosted on

Tue Apr 26, 2022 Spilhaus Projections: A Quintet of World Ocean Maps

Five projections by Athelstan F. Spilhaus which focus on the world ocean.

Thu Apr 14, 2022 A Few Minor Changes

The new term “My Projection Collection”, re-rendered images and more…

Mon Jan 24, 2022 A Fistful of Asymmetric Projections

Five new asymmetric equal-area projections, made by myself by composing hemispheres of existing projections.

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Tue Dec 14, 2021 Cupola Projection and the Asymmetric Wagner VII.b

The Cupola projection by Weia Reinboud and my own Asymmetric Wagner VII.b.

Sat Nov 06, 2021 Frančula Update

There’s an update of the Frančula blogpost published last year.

Mon June 14, 2021 The Danseiji Projections

Seven projections, created by a new construction method. Three of them look conventional and four are quite unusual.

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Fri Mar 26, 2021 Completing Canters and Györffy, Own Projections

I’ve added the last missing Canters projections. I’ve added the missing Györffy projections. One projection variant added by request. Two new projection variants of my own, two others were renamed.

Thu Jan 07, 2021 News on the Canters Projections

I’ve added six Canters projections. Three others were renamed.

Updated!   Thu Dec 24, 2020 The Frančula Projections

I added 14 new projections to the website, developed by Nedjeljko Frančula in 1971.

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Updated!   Wed Jan 15, 2020 Wagner II, lenticular variant

Lenticular variant of Wagner’s pseudocylindric projection with sinusoidal meridians and specified distortion auf areas. Also a glance at lenticular Wagner I and III.

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Wed Jan 01, 2020 Two new projections, three variants, some adjustments

Two new projections: Bertin-Rivière and Györffy E. Three new variants of projections that already are listed. And a few adjustments.

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Mon June 03, 2019 Four conformal polyhedric projections and more

I’ve added four conformal polyhedric projections, and two other another kind.

Tue Jan 15, 2019 Two more Wagner Variants

A brief introduction of two variants of Wagner VII and VIII that I came up with.

Updated! (2×)!   Fri Jan 04, 2019 New: Four Polyhedral Projections

Four new polyhedral projections have been added to my website; and there’s a little update on the website itself.

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Updated!   Tue Aug 28, 2018 New Projections

Some supplements on the McBryde-Thomas and Canters projections; two new aspects of Gringorten; the all-new, all-different Kramer VII; and the all-new, not-so-different Equal Earth.

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Updated!   Fri June 08, 2018 News on the Wagner varations

Geocart 3.2 released.
Some new options on the WVG.
A d3-geo-projection implementation.

Updated!   Mon Jan 01, 2018 News on

Modified images for Tissot’s indicatrix and a bunch of new projections.

Tue Oct 10, 2017 All Images Replaced!

The update of projection images is now complete.

Mon Sep 18, 2017 News on

New projections, new images and more: A list of the current changes and additions.

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Updated!   Mon Sep 18, 2017 Replacing the Physical Map Images

All the physical map images were replaced (or will be replaced soon) by new versions. Here’s why.

Mon Sep 18, 2017 My Map Projection Blog

A few introductory words regarding this blog.

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