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Mon Sep 18, 2017 My Map Projection Blog

This blog is designed to accompany the »main site« Here, I’ll report news regarding the main site, but I’ll also write articles regarding map projections, which (hopefully) will be significantly shorter than the articles on

So why did I decide to install the blog instead of just throwing the articles onto the main site like I did so far? Well, basically, because things don’t always turn out the way you think. ;-) had a predecessor, which (password-protected and hidden) was made for a bunch of people I know personally.

At some point, I decided create a public website that mainly consisted of the Compare Map Projections part, plus some basic knowledge about map projections and only a few articles. And like probably everybody else, I don’t have as much spare time as I’d like to have, and I’m a bit lazy on top of it, so instead of rebuilding the website from scratch, I just polished the predecessor a bit, subdivided the Articles section, and launched the new site.
And in the months that followed, I added another article, and another one, and just one more…

And it turned out that adding new articles was always a bit of a nuisance because I simply hadn’t designed the website to include a bunch of articles. Moreover, I always tended to getting quite verbose…
But before I get verbose again, here’s what I decided to do:

Instead of doing the best thing, which would’ve been to rewrite the entire main site (you know, not enough spare time and lazy), I just came up with this blog.
Adding new articles will be much easier now, and having in mind that this is a blog will hopefully push me to keep it short. For example, I will present certain projections briefly – projections that are relatively unknown, or ones that are well-known, but I’d like to say a few words about them. At some point, I’ll definitively list a few projections that aren’t included in the Compare section for some reason or another (and then, I’m going to explain why they aren’t included).

On the other hand, in reporting news & changes, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the Changelog I used so far, because I felt that sometimes it’d be nice to add a bit of more detailed information. So from this day forth, the changelog will even be more compact than before, but as appropriate provided with a link to the blog where everyone who is interested can read more about the current changes and additions.

Regarding the technical stuff… Currently, the blog looks a bit raw and unpolished. As time goes by, I’ll play a bit with the style sheets, but I’ll keep it it plain and simple. I’ll probably add some functionality, too – but for the moment, things like a date-based navigation, tags or a search function don’t make a lot of sense. I’ll hand them in later as I see fit.

Have fun!


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Piotr Grochowski

How did you generate projections not in Geocart?
Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:58 pm CET   –    One Reply

Tobias Jung

The projections that I didn’t generate in Geocart were rendered by either
– G.Projector,… or
– Flex Projector, or
– by the d3 geo projection scripts… in conjunction with a raster reprojection plugin…
The plugin is labelled as »a proof of concept, not ready for production«, but it worked fine on the projections that I tried.
Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:16 pm CET
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