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Thu Jan 07, 2021 News on the Canters Projections

There are some changes and additions to the projections developed by Frank Canters.
In a few days, I’m going to talk about them in another blogpost – about the new ones and those that are have been here on this website before.

Changes Names

The names I use for the Canters projections (W01, W02 etc.) were not given by the creator himself, but suggested by Dr. Böhm (sorry, that site is mostly in German). I gave the reasons in an article I wrote a few years ago. Only for Canters’ Optimisation of the Wagner projection I applied different denominations, namely the name of the original plus supplement, e.g. “Wagner VII, Canters Optimisation”.
Probably I had a good reason, but I forgot it. So for the sake of consistency I renamed them now.

Moreover, before I couldn’t show Canters optimisation of Wagner IX accurately so I presented an approximation. No more! The Canters W09 now is the real thing!

New Projections

Newly admitted are: The pseudocylindric Canters W01, W02 und W06 – optimised version of Wagner I, II und VI, respectively. And the lenticular (Canters prefers to use the term “polyconic”) Canters W11, W20 und W21.
Note: Canters W03, W04 and W05 do not exist.

Hey, wait moment – three new pseudocylindricals? There already are 100 of that kind listed on the website, why add another three? And the lenticulars seen to be, ummm, only usable in some special cases…
Well, I admit: Some of the are more of “academical interest”. I’ll elaborate on that in the upcoming blogpost.

See sou soon!


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