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Sat Apr 13, 2019 (No english blogpost here.)

Sorry, this time I omitted the English version.
In the German version, I’m commenting on an episode of the German science TV show called “Terra X” which included some false assertions about the Mercator projection.

I figured that my comments are interesting only if you are able to watch and understand the episode, so in this case I can do without a translation – Leave a comment below if you disagree.
If you understand German, or if you want to try your favorite translation software, here’s the German blogpost.

The way wrote my little blog software, each post has to be available in German and English. I could change that, yes… but probably, it’s not worth the effort because it will be far too rare for a blog post to be published in only one language. So I decided to write some explanatory lines instead of modifying the software.


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