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Tue Feb 01, 2022 13 Projections for 2022 (Part 2)

A collection of my own experiments
(see Intro for further explanations)

Frontispiece: Cabot modified

Cabot modified
Original Creator Sebastian Cabot (1544)
Group Pseudocylindric
Property Compromise
Remarks The original projection was stretched horizontally
My variation Presented 2017 in the blog

Last time I announced that this month we’ll see an “old acquaintance” – and here it is! I introduced it more than four years ago (see link above), and the original projection is really old: It was created in 1544 and is therefore one of the ten oldest projections on my site.

It is another example where I think it’s a bit presumptuous to speak of my own work. This time, my “modification” doesn’t even require a map projection software but also could be done using a graphics editor (also using a dedicated map projection application will probably result in a better image quality):
I just stretched the projection horizontally by a factor of 1.35.

The reason for this was simply that, in my opinion, the original projection hardly seems to be a usable specimen nowadays. Unless, of course, you need a pseudo-cylindrical projection with equally spaced parallels that can fit into a tight horizontal space:

But then, a simple stretch, and a projection that is 478 years old can suddenly hold its own against projections like Eckert III or Winkel II that were created a mere century ago! 😉
I found that fascinating.

… ah well, the real reason that I added Cabot modified in the calendar is that I simply like it! The outer shape and the comparatively short pole line – yet a pole line at all – make it my favourite among the class of pseudocylindricals with equally spaced parallels.

This year’s calendar is about experiments, and sometimes experiments fail. Next month, we’ll have one of those, although aesthetically, I like it nonetheless…

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