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Fri Dec 02, 2022 13 Projections for 2022 (Part 12)

A collection of my own experiments
(see Intro for further explanations)

December: Wagner BCW-A II

Wagner BCW-A II
Original Creator Karlheinz Wagner (1941)
Group Lenticular
Property Compromise
Remarks Wagner VII variant, configuration 65-85-60-35-185 (using the Böhm notation).
My variation 2021

Almost four years ago, I introduced the first projection I labelled “Wagner BCW-A”; two years ago, I added the one that later was called “Wagner BCW-A III”; and in March 2021 the projection you see above, Wagner BCW-A II.

None of them has a special property or performs exceptionally well in terms of distortion minimization, they are just examples of what I deem to be visually pleasing lenticular compromise projections. And currently, the BCW-A II is my favourite of the trio (but this has changed before and might change again).

So, we’re done with the 2022 calendar.
I had a bit trouble to find a interesting leitmotif for 2023, and admittedly, I may have failed on the “interesting” part… well, wait and see.

My 2022 Map Projection Calendar

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