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Fri Sep 09, 2022 13 Projections for 2022 (Part 9)

A collection of my own experiments
(see Intro for further explanations)

September: Panty Projection

Panty Projection
Original Creator Daniel “daan” Strebe (1992)
Group Pseudoconic
Property Equal-area
Remarks Fusion of Albers conic and Bonne projections.
My variation 2021

This is a very useful projection – well, in case you’re a manufacturer of underwear who is searching for a new emblem that conveys the idea that you’re a global player in your line of business. And lo! It’s equal-area, too, so none of you valued customers’ countries are neglected.

Moreover, the projection contains a hidden treasure: While at first glance, admittedly, it looks more like comfortable but not-too-sexy panties – the visualization of distortions reveals a skimpy, sassy bikini bottom:

Panty Projection
Visualization of angular distortions at 20-degree-intervals.
Darker hues mean more distortion.

So, if you’re an manufacturer of underwear – contact me! I look forward to becoming rich as a Lannister. 😁

But, wait – the wads of notes will have to go to Daniel “dann” Strebe, who created the Amulet Projection, shown below with a standard parallel at 45° North, while I just set the standard parallel to 6°N and called it the Panty Projection.
Damn. So much for the wealth!

Amulet projection,
standard parallel at 45°N

Next month, I’ll be more serious again. It will also be the last projection of the calendar which I haven’t shown at all so far.

My 2022 Map Projection Calendar

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