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Mon Aug 01, 2022 13 Projections for 2022 (Part 8)

A collection of my own experiments
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August: Strebe-Snyder Pointed-Pole Asymmetric 26

Strebe-Snyder Pointed-Pole Asymmetric 26
Original Creator Daniel “daan” Strebe (1992)
Group Lenticular
Property Equal-area
Remarks A composite of the northern and southern hemispheres of two variants of the Strebe-Snyder Pointed-Pole projection.
My variation 2021

Basically I just have to say that I introduced this projection a few months ago in the blogpost A Fistful of Asymmetric Projections. So, TTFN and …

… No, wait!
I do have something to say: In the version that I added to my Projection Collection, I applied an area-preserving horizontal stretch by 1.05. I have omitted this in the image shown above, simply because I like the projection this way, too, and because it fits better into the available space of the calendar. But overall I prefer the distribution of distortions in the stretched variant:

Last month, I announced that this is “a projection that is useful – in my opinion. But I don’t think it’ll meet with much approval.” What did I mean by that? Well, asymmetric projections are useful because they can minimize distortions on land; and I feel that this one is good enough to be used in many cases where equivalence is mandatory or desirable. It’s just that they don’t seem to meet with much approval in general… sigh!

But that doesn’t stop me. So next month, we’ll have an asymmetric equal-area projection again! Hah!

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