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Sun Jan 15, 2023 13 Projections for 2023 (Part 1)

A collection of projections for political world maps
(see Intro for further explanations)

January: Canters W32/UA PP (non-optimized)

Canters W32/UA PP (non-optimized)
Creator Frank Canters, Tobias Jung (2022 / 2002)
Group Lenticular
Property Compromise
Other Names
  • Canters W32 90-160-60-35-180
Remarks An umbezifferte (renumbered), aphylactic (= compromise) pointed-pole variant of Canters W32. Not optimized for low distortion values.

The January sheet shows, as I already announced, the only one of my own experiments in the 2023 calendar.
I like the aphylactic lenticular pointed-pole Györffy F very much – but (again) I feel that its amount of areal inflation is a bit too high.

So I was wondering if I could come up with a projection that has a roughly similar shape but less inflation, and tried to apply Umbeziffern[1] on the Canters W32. The areal inflation was set to 1.35 at 60°N/S, the bounding meridian to 160°, and the aspect ratio of the main axes to 1:1.64. Using the Böhm notation, this would be the Canters W32 90-160-60-35-160. And indeed I arrived at a quite similar outer shape:

Contour of Györffy F (red) layered over the contour of the modified Canters W32 (blue)

But looking at a finished map using this variant, I felt that it could use some horizontal stretching, so the aspect ratio was set to 1:1.8 (= Böhm notation 90-160-60-35-180). I’ve got no way of knowing, but I’m fairly certain this worsens the overall distortion values. Nonetheless – to me, it looked better.

As promised in the intro to the calendar, I will show each projection in additional representations. Here’s the “OGABO” version:

I think it works quite well, even though I myself have repeatedly said that lenticular projections with their curved parallels are best always shown with graticule lines. However, I have to say: The inflation of Greenland is in this representation much more striking to me than on the physical or political map of the calendar. Here, it’s almost a bit too much for my taste.
The plagal aspect, on the other hand, pleases me without restrictions:

A few days ago, I promised that I’d again talk about pacific-centered maps here. Sorry, but I have postponed that to February.
So long!

References / Footnotes

  1. For more information about “Umbeziffern”, Wagner’s transformation method, read Das Umbeziffern – The Wagner Transformation Method, or the brief explanation in this blogpost or the notes at the Wagner Variations Generator (WVG-7).

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