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Tue Dec 05, 2023 13 Projections for 2023 (Part 12)

A collection of projections for political world maps
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December: Frančula XIII

Frančula XIII
Creator Nedjeljko Frančula (1971)
Group Lenticular
Property Compromise
Other Names
Remarks A Wanger IX variant, derived by Umbeziffern from the equatorial azimuthal equidistant projection, minimized distortion by application of the Airy-Kavrayskiy criterion. For more information, refer to my blogpost The Frančula Projections or Frančula’s original paper Die vorteilhaftesten Abbildungen in der Atlaskartographie (German).

If I had known a year ago that this would be the last projection calendar, I would have chosen one of my own experiments for December, but I hadn’t made the decision at that point. However, having a Frančula projection here is the second best idea. At the risk of sounding boastful, I was the one who dug up the projections by Nedjeljko Frančula and presented them to the public. Of course I wouldn’t have known about them if they wouldn’t have been briefly mentioned by Györffy[1], and I wouldn’t have been able to show them to you with the help of Peter Denner, but well, the fact remains that the 14 projections (as far as I know) have never been shown before, save for Frančula’s own paper. So I have a personal attachment to the last projection in the series, even if I didn’t create it myself. 🙂

Frančula XIII is an aphylactic lenticular projection with a pole line and equally spaced parallels along the central meridian, just like the Winkel Tripel Bartholomew (July) and Canters W09 (September). So I may have gone a little overboard with this category in the calendar, but I do think that it works well with political maps.

Hence it’s not surprising that, as with Winkel and Canters, I find Frančula XIII also very usable in the OGABO version and the plagal aspect:

Th-th-that’s all, folks!
But only for my projection calendars, so – see you soon!

References / Footnotes

  1. János Györffy: Minimum distortion pointed-polar projections for world maps by applying graticule transformation

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