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Tue Oct 17, 2023 13 Projections for 2023 (Part 10)

A collection of projections for political world maps
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October: Strebe Asymmetric 2011

Strebe Asymmetric 2011
Creator Daniel »daan« Strebe (2011)
Group Lenticular
Property Equal-area
Other Names
Remarks Modification of Strebe 1995 in order to substantially improve Australia and New Zealand. Originally presented in the forum. Here on there’s an article about Strebe 1995 and 2011.

I’ve talked about the Strebe 2011 and its symmetric 1995 brother in the article mentioned above and in the calendar blogpost of October 2021, in this years’ march post I said that I like equal-area political maps and pointed out that some people even consider them to be mandatory. So I can only emphasise once again that the projection has a very advantageous distribution of angular deformations, which makes it a great choice for political maps:

The isolines are given for max. angular deformation of:
  10°,     20°,     30°,     40°,     50°,     and 60°.

Unfortunately the OGABO version does not work at all. The strong curvature towards the north pole seems somehow erroneous without the optical support of graticule lines. Furthermore, I think it is generally inappropriate to show an asymmetrical projection without boundary lines.

The plagal aspect (which, by the way, I have shown before) is all the better for it. Southern Africa looks quite “crooked” but most of the rest is really fine.

Of course, the use of an asymmetrical projection needs to be carefully considered because people are not used to such a representation of the Earth. But if you want an equal-area map with as little angular distortion as possible, you should indeed consider it.

Next month, we’ll have another “daring” projection, but this time, not an equivalent one …

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