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Fri Dec 04, 2020 12 Projections for 2020 (Part 12)

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December: Danseiji IV

Danseiji IV
Creator Justin Kunimune (2019)
Group Miscellaneous
Property Compromise
Other Names
Remarks Low distortions, especially on land masses

The last projection for this year is definitely the most unusual one in the calendar. It was created by Justin Kunimune in 2019 and aims at low distortion values, especially on the land masses, while dropping all the usual conventions like symmetry or equatorial aspect. It’s of course not the first map projection to do so, but surely the first one with a beautiful organic shape.

Since I will add all Danseiji projection to my website sometime soon and will talk about them then, I’ll leave it at that for now. If you can’t wait to get more information about them, refer to Justin Kunimune’s blog.

So, we’re done with that: You’ve seen my twelve projections of the 2020 calendar. Meanwhile I’ve decided that there will be a calendar for 2021, too, and that I will continue this series.
And the Danseiji IV is the perfect transition, because next year, I’ll concentrate on projection with low distortions values, according to one metric or another.

For the image in the calendar, I used a slightly modified version of the Natural Earth Cross-blended Hypsometric Tints. Projected with Justin Kunimune’s MapDesignerRaster.

My 2020 Map Projection Calendar

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