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Mon Nov 09, 2020 12 Projections for 2020 (Part 9)

To understand what this is about, you should read the intro.

August: Telophasic Wagner

August: Telophasic Wagner
Creator Karlheinz Wagner (1941, base projection)
Tobias Jung (2019, this implementation)
Group Lenticular
Property Equal-area
Other Names

Since I’ve got a lot of catching-up to do, let’s do this really short:

This projection is a variant of the Wagner VII, which show an outer shape that is almost identical to the Dietrich-Kitada. Apart from that and the fact that both are equal-area, they are not very similar: The shape of the parallels and thus, the distribution of distortions are very different.

Angular distortion patterns of the telophasic Wagner (left) and Dietrich-Kitada (right).
Lighter hues mean less distortion. Darker hues mean more distortion.
The red lines mark the maximum angular distortion of 40° and 80°.

In the calendar I called it the Dietrich-Wagner projection – but now I decided to call it the Telophasic Wagner instead (see the blogpost of the February projection)

And that’s it for now.
I’ll show the projection for October soon.

For the image in the calendar, I used a slightly modified version of Natural Earth II with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages. Projected with Geocart.

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