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Thu Apr 01, 2021 14 Projections for 2021 (Part 4)

If you wonder what this is about at all, you probably didn’t read the intro.

February: Frančula XIII

Frančula XIII
Creator Nedjelko Frančula (1971)
Group Lenticular
Property Compromise
Other Names
Remarks A Wanger IX variant, derived by Umbeziffern from the equatorial azimuthal equidistant projection, minimized distortion by application of the Airy-Kavrayskiy criterion.
For more information, refer to my blogpost The Frančula Projections or Frančula’s original paper Die vorteilhaftesten Abbildungen in der Atlaskartographie (German).

This months’ projection is the Frančula XIII. I introduced it recently in a blogpost (see link in the table above) and all that I can add is: Meanwhile I know that it has favourable distortion characteristics not only by the Airy-Kavrayskiy criterion, but also by Goldberg & Gott’s metric.
And that I still think it’s a great projection for world maps that don’t need a property like equivalence or conformality.

’nuff said.
Next month, we’ll have … well, let’s say a cousin of the Frančula XIII.


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