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Wed Sep 01, 2021 14 Projections for 2021 (Part 9)

If you wonder what this is about at all, you probably didn’t read the intro.

September: Danseiji I

Danseiji I
Creator Justin Kunimune (2019)
Group Lenticular
Property Equal-area
Other Names
Remarks Note: Mathematically speaking, this is not an equal-area projection! However the deviations from true equivalence are minimal and can’t be detected by the human eye. Therefore I thought that in terms of comparing projections on this website, it would be better to file it under the equal-area projections.

See my Blogpost and Introducing the Danseiji Projections by Justin Kunimune, the creator of the projections.

This month, we have Danseiji I – and I can do it really short & sweet, because everything that needs to be said (incl. links for further information) is already given in the Remarks row of the table above.

So, have a nice September!
Next month, we’re going to see this year’s last equal-area projection.

My 2021 Map Projection Calendar

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